Village Activity Tours

NEXT FESTIVAL  11 October, 2015, Sunday,  Eco-Day. A full day of traditional activities and food..

VILLAGE FESTIVALSvillage crafts and produce Every year in May and October there will be an Eco-Day Festival, a one day event starting at 10am and often going into the night with a final concert.  These festivals to celebrate the village’s eco-village status as well as support for traditional Cypriot village lifestyle. Village ladies display their hand-made and home-made products while Cypriot folk-dancers move to traditional melodies played live on accordion,  violin and drum.  You can buy olive bread, sweet or savoury cheese pastries, jars of preserved green walnut sweets, vinegar pickled capers, fresh squeezed lemonade, olive oil, and much, much more; as well, many different crafts from the weaver, the wood carver, the leather craftsman, the soap maker and the magic fingers of the women will give you plenty of choice for practical souvenirs and gifts to take away. Traditional activities are demonstrated throughout the day, like hellim cheese making, carob syrup making, broom tying, adobe mud brick making and more.  There are also activities for children and donkey riding.  Cycle tours take participants on easy exploring rides and guides take groups over some of our many nature trails.  There is something for everybody! Contact for exact dates of festivals, accommodation reservations or more information